It wont happen here?

The rail industry has colleagues out working to keep Great Britain’s railway operating 24 hours, 365 days a year. The biggest danger they face is coming into contact with a moving train. There are many procedures, standards and training in order to prevent humans and trains coming into contact. However, sometimes for reasons that are clear and on other occasions are not, the time taken to get to position of safety is not appropriate. This is classified as a ‘Near Miss’ and for a safety critical company there are too many happening. For too long the thought has been ‘it wont happen here.’

From boardroom to ballast, client to contractor we must work together and eliminate all ‘near misses’ and make sure ‘it wont happen here.’

The materials have been left unlocked for you to use how you wish and in your style of delivery. We ask you read the Safety Hour discussion pack first, to get an idea of the format.

The safety hour packs contains

  • a film montage
  • discussion prompts
  • Think Risk – people film
  • a call to action

Useful Resources

How to embed films into a presentation
Near Miss Safety Bulletins
Think RISK

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