SAI (AC) Control Measures Information

This page holds information for those taking part in the trial within the trial location ONLY.

Control measures are used to reduce the likelihood of operatives, On-Track Plant (OTP) and On-Track Machines (OTM) from inadvertantly approaching an exposed ‘live’ part and highlight the prescence of Electrical Hazards and Residual Electrical Hazards.

The types of control measures that can be used, include:

  • Reminder of Live Exposed (RoLE) Equipment – Equipment indicating the presence of electrical hazards and/or isolation limitations
  • Barriers  –   Shall be of sufficient construction that they provide protection against direct contact from any usual direction of access
  • Obstacles  –   Shall be of sufficient construction that they physically prevent personal, tools or plant from unintentionally crossing them
  • Delineation  –   Using an item of existing infrastructure as a limit or marker e.g. a running rail or an earthed OLE conductor
  • Direct Supervision  –   To warn personnel in the Site of Work when they are approaching the 2.75m Zone and/or Vicinity Zone
  • Movement Restrictors  –   Applied to On-Track Plant and On-Track Machines to limit the range of movement to restrict the ability to enter the Live Zone

A combination of Control Measures may be used as part of the Electrical Safe System of Work (ESSOW) and will be fully briefed to you by either the Nominated Person (NP) or the COSS (OLP)

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