Building and Civils Working Group

The Safe by Design (SbD) Buildings and Civils Working Group involves Network Rail working collaboratively with designers and contractors to embed safety into construction and infrastructure operation through improvements at the design stage. The SbD Building and Civils Working Group is chaired by Andy Barnes (Arcadis Design and Consultancy)

What are our priorities:

The five priority workstreams of the Building and Civils Working Group are:

  1. Design Risk Assessment,
  2. Early focus on buildability and temporary works –
  3. Improving awareness of Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (2015) roles and responsibilities,
  4. Lessons learnt and best practice
  5. Design procurement and programme

Publications (please see attachments on this page):

  • The SbD Principles have been developed jointly by Network Rail and its Supply Chain Partners in the SbD B & C Working Group. They set down the principles which we are all are expected to adhere to when developing and implementing designs, embodying best practice. Please make use of these SbD Principles in your work.
  • SbD briefing note 01, our first briefing note, focuses on Design Risk Assessment and the steps we are taking to improve the consistency and quality of how significant hazards are communicated in design.
  • SbD guidance note on Temporary Works and Buildability. A disproportionate number of incidents/problems within railway construction projects relate to temporary works and buildability. Earlier focus in these areas leads to reduced safety risk and improved execution of design and implementation, together with a reduction in re-work to fix problems. The SbD B & C Guidance has recently been through a comprehensive review by a Working Group including members of Network Rail and our valued supply chain. We see this as a live document and welcome input as to how it can be improved or expanded. This issue 2 update includes bringing references up to date and enhancing most sections with new information and lessons learned.
  • SbD B & C rules & guidance on use of Warning Triangles. This guidance has been through a comprehensive review by a Working Group including members of Network Rail and our valued supply chain. This document has now been offered to the Steering Group, recommending it be adopted by other disciplines. ISSUE 2 added January 2017
  • Lifesaving Rules Aide Memoir. The SbD B & C Working Group have developed a new Aide Memoire for designers to embed the Life Saving Rules within Designs.  Issue v1.0 is attached.  We encourage designers to print the document to add to noticeboards and make use of this tool as guidance to help to ensure their designs are safe by design. Instructions for use are included, as is a blank page for additional entries. Feedback is welcomed.

Collaboration Site:

The Network Rail Collaboration Site now includes an area dedicated to Building and Civils related information on SbD. It provides a platform for sharing SbD information and best practices and is intended to help facilitate an industry conversation aimed at SbD. You can find all meeting documents on this site.

How to get in touch:

If you have any queries regarding the content of this page or if you want to get in touch with the Safe by Design Building and Civils Working Group please email Stephen Williams (Programme Engineer Manager)

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