OTP Attachments

This handbook has been issued as a general guide for the range of attachments which are available for On-Track Plant (OTP) used on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure.

The handbook gives brief details of attachments, their scope of use, and any limitations in use, technical details, approval reference numbers where these are available and the competency requirements required to operate the equipment.

Examples of widely available attachments have been included; however there may be other types of OTP attachments which have not been included.

Anyone can propose the inclusion of new attachment or an amendment to existing attachments’ details. Please contact the Technical Services Plant team for advice.

This handbook will be regularly reviewed by the Professional Head [Plant & T&RS] and updated to include new information relating to OTP attachments.


This document is issued for information purposes only. Network Rail makes no warranties that the attachments included in this document are the most suitable for a particular type of work activity, or the only types which are available.

Inclusion of an attachment in this document should not be construed as an endorsement of that product by Network Rail, nor does gives it any preferred status.

It is the responsibility of the owner/user of an attachment to ensure that it has the attained any required product or engineering acceptance certification. In addition, the equipment must be suitable for the work to be carried out and has been maintained to the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Users are also reminded of their own duties under UK Health and Safety legislation.

If you would like a hardcopy of the OTP Attachments Handbook please email Mike Lomas on Mike.Lomas@networkrail.co.uk  

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