Remote securing

New technologies are continuing to be developed to provide further benefits for Safer, Faster Isolations.

Both the Conductor Rail and a.c. networks will soon be able to use Remote Securing App through world leading technology.  The UK will be the first railway worldwide to use an app to remotely secure and short or earth an isolation. This has generated interest from Railway operators worldwide and demonstrates the United Kingdom’s expertise and ability to innovate.

The Remote Securing App will be trialled on the North West and Central a.c. network and Southern Conductor Rail networks before further rollout commences from 2023-24.

Network Rail are also funding development of an equivalent remote securing solution known as Trapped Key for the a.c. network. The solution delivers the same functionality as the App solution and is delivered using a track side control panel, an interlocked Trapped Key and using inter-substation communication and interlocking.

Trials on the Remote Securing Trapped Key solution in Scotland and in Wales and Western Region are planned in 2022-23.

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