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ZKL 3000 RC User Delegate pre-course workbook

‘ZKL 3000 RC User Delegate pre-course workbook The ZKL 3000 training has been revised and amended to remove the ZKL 3000 manual and the handheld RS device information. Due to the revision of the documentation this course will reduce from a two day duration to a one day with the support of a the pre-course […]

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OTP Do Not Use

.Please find attached the latest Do Not Use list – issue 582 Summary of changes Quarantined These vehicles have been quarantined and can no longer be used on the infrastructure Vehicle Number Vehicle Type Characteristics Owner New Vehicle Status 99709911066-7 911 – Excavator Tracked – GOS(Philmor)/Kobelco SK135 RailBug   Quarantined – Sold to another operator […]


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