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How do I take the induction and get my ICI competence?

It’s a two-step process.  Your sponsor will support you through both steps.

The induction is delivered as a short e-learning module.  Once you are confident that you understand the topics covered in the induction, you will undertake an Assessment.  You must pass the Assessment to gain your ICI competence.

Step 1: Induction

Your Sponsor or employer will set you up with a login to the e-learning induction.  If you work for Network Rail, your training centre will set you up with access.

The e-learning takes about one hour to complete. It is organised in short sections, each one taking no more than 15-20 minutes. You do not have to study them all in one session. You can review each section as many times as you wish.

Before proceeding, you must be confident that you have a good understanding of all the topics.  Many screens are interactive, and you will need to explore them to see all the information.

Step 2: Assessment

When you are confident that you know the topics covered in the induction, speak to your sponsor to book you a place at a local Assessment Centre.

When you arrive for your appointment at the Assessment Centre, the assessor will check your identity and explain what you need to do. The Assessment is a computer-based test that takes 40 minutes. It is a ‘closed book’ test, and you must score 80% or higher to pass.

If you pass the Assessment, you will gain your ICI competence on your Sentinel card.  If you don’t yet have a Sentinel card, your sponsor will order one for you.

Further information

For more information about the ICI please go to the FAQ page.

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