Sponsor Support

Trackside sponsors: If you are a sponsor of PTS, you will be able to sponsor individuals for ICI.  You will be audited in the Sentinel module in the usual way. Trackside Sponsors will be able to sponsor current Sentinel card holders (PTS competence) as well as those who’ve not yet gained either ICI or PTS.

Non-trackside Sponsor: In order to issue Sentinel Cards to holders of ICI (who do not currently hold a Sentinel card / PTS competence), a new type of Sponsor is being created, called a Non-trackside Sponsor. A Non trackside Sponsor will still need to be registered with RISQS, but will not need to be audited on the Sentinel module as they will not be sponsoring staff going on or near the line (i.e. PTS competence).

To become a non-trackside sponsor, you will first need to register with RISQS Once your registration has been accepted, you will then be able to register your company on Sentinel and carry out your ICI sponsor’s role as described below.

The Sentinel Website has a useful FlowChart to assist and guide your through the process. http://info.railsentinel.co.uk/help-support/overview-how-do-i/

Your role

As a Sponsor (Trackside or Non-trackside), your role is to:

1. Register individuals for a login to the e-learning induction. If you do not have a sponsor account on the e-learning system please contact networkrailsupport@leolearning.com  to request access.
2. Create an account for the individual on Sentinel. (if they do not already have one)
3. Book individuals at an Assessment Centre to undertake their assessment, once they completed the induction. The Assessment Centre will notify you of the individual’s result and will update their Sentinel record if they pass
4. Order their Sentinel card (if they do not already have one).

Further information

For more information about the ICI please go to the FAQ Page

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