SWL Products

Safe Work Leader Products

As part of the Planning & Delivering Safe Work Programme we are introducing a number of new items.  As these products are established, designed and created, we will continue to upload details to this Safety Central page for both our Network Rail colleagues and Suppliers.

The PDSW Programme has sent some of the new SWL Products to Suppliers & Network Rail free of charge in Feb 2015.  Further or future product requirements will need to be ordered and purchased themselves.

To help Suppliers do this, SWL Product Specifications have all been uploaded to this site.  We cannot mandate which product supplier you choose to use, so we have not listed our Network Rail suppliers.

Internally within Network Rail, these products can be ordered in 2 ways:

  • via i-store, using the relevant catalogue number.
  • via RCOS (Rail Components Ordering System), using the relevant catalogue number.  You will need to register for a log-on in order to use the RCOS system

Please see below the authorised SWL-SWM Headwear Cover Risk Assessment and Temporary Non-Compliance (TNC), for the PPE Standard (NR/L2/OHS/021 – Issue 3 – Personal protective equipment and workwear.

The table below shows the product catalogue numbers, more detail on the products can be seen within the Product Specifications page.

SWL product catalogue

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