Safer Trackside Working (STW)

The Safer Trackside Working programme (STW) is funded by an ORR provided ring fenced fund, to Research and develop new, high reliability, protection and warning systems to stop track workers being hit by trains.

The programme contributes to Network Rail’s strategic commitment to reduce fatalities and major injuries to zero.

The project will;

  • Introduce safer ways of working on the track
  • Provide more efficient and faster ways of establishing safe systems of work

The new warning systems will be available for the Routes to deploy and promote safer working during maintenance, renewal and enhancement works for Network Rail track workers, contractors and contingent labour.

Implementing these new technologies across key risk areas of the network will help contribute to the aim in the CP5 Business Plan and ‘Transforming Safety and Wellbeing Strategy’ to eliminate fatalities and major injuries by the end of 2019.

The programme is viewed as a business as usual safety improvement programme. There has been ongoing trade Union and ORR engagement throughout the product development cycle. Routes are being engaged to develop National deployment plans and a series of Route based pilots will form part of a localised safety improvement change plan, which will be communicated once the technology is product approved.

This Programme is a fundamental building block for Network Rail’s home safe everyday goal.

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