RRV Safety

In 2015 the RRV Safety Improvement Programme was closed out. A number of buisness as usual activities have been left as a legacy to this programme.

Letter of Instruction NR/BS/LI/327 – OTP Working in AC Electrified Areas 

A review of the risks involved in using RRV Excavators under energised Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) on Network Rail managed Infrastructure has identified a need to issue additional instructions and requirements. With a compliance date of 1st July 2014.

The letter of instruction be found in the attached documents.

Vehicles with ‘Reliable’ Movement Limiting Devices

The vehicles detailed in these lists have been approved as having a ‘reliable’ movement limiting device by Network Rail Technical Services.
Vehicles with ‘reliable’ height limiting devices are permitted to work under Live Overhead Lines when supported by an appropriate Safe System of Work. These lists are updated when required.

Restriction on Type 9B (High Ride) RRVs without Rail Wheel Braking on gradients ≥ 1:75

To assist with the management of this please use the attached excel file to check the start and end mileages of those Line of Route that fall into the gradient category of greater than or equal to 1:75.

Direct Rail Wheel Braking System film taken at High Marnham in Feb 2012 Can be seen below.


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