Level crossing safety campaigns

How users decide whether it’s safe to cross the railway at level crossings is critical, so we have a range of resources available from campaigns that have been aimed at various at risk groups to improve understanding and encourage safe use.


Our latest level crossing drivers campaign ran between 1 Oct and 31 Nov 2018. The campaign reached drivers, and aimed to change behaviours, through targeted radio advertising and social media content. The following resources were used throughout the campaign:


Bossing the crossing was our latest level crossing campaign aimed at pedestrians, it ran between 1 May and 30 July 2018. The focus of the campaign was to highlight the stark contrast of a level crossing – safe and calm at one moment, and deathly dangerous in a split-second. Resources targeted key audiences based on where they are and what type of pedestrian they are.

Dog Walkers

The following resources are available to support raise awareness of the dangers of level crossings to dog walkers.

People with hearing, visual and mobility impairments

These resources focus on raising awareness among those who have hearing, visual and mobility impairments, promoting our aim of making sure everyone get across safely.


Lots of things demand our attention – checking your phone, listening to music or chatting to your mates. These resources are available to help raise awareness of the danger of doing these things at a level crossing.

To access resources available for our other campaigns please visit our public and passenger safety campaigns page.

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