SAI (AC) Train-Brief-Assess-Report

This page holds information for those taking part in the trial within the trial location ONLY.

To undertake work on the trial area, the participants must be competent and confident in the skills and knowledge required to comply with NR/L3/ELP/25000. With the introduction of the new standard, several competences were updated and three new created.

Due to issues experienced with COVID-19, it was agreed that all delegates (except PTS AC and OTP Core) who had already undertaken the training and been assessed as competent, were now required to resit their knowledge assessments to remove the risk of skills and knowledge fade ahead of trial recommencement.

To assist delegates understand the process to be followed, we have created a ‘Post Assessment Flowchart‘ and accompanying ‘Briefing Note‘ guidance to navigate you through the requirements. Both are available in the attachments section.

Briefings, assessments and all required interventions must be completed prior to you being required to carry out your activities for trial recommencement. You must be deemed competent in order to undertake work on this trial area.

The deadline dates for completing the full flowchart of requirements is dependant on the project phases and therefore when you will be expected to complete work within that process, based on your competency.

Phase One – Planning (SP(I), ERAs & ERAp)  –  Complete by 31 October 2020

Phase Two – Implementation ‘Boots on Ballast’ (All other competencies)  –  Complete by 07 December 2020


Training for the relevant competences is held via classroom and elearning depending on the required competence. If you have not completed the initial training, you should liaise with your line manager/training assessor to arrange for attendance at the nearest opportunity.

Briefings (Mandatory Technical / Drop-In Sessions)

Prior to completing these knowledge assessments, all delegates are required to attend a mandatory technical briefing. This briefing is to assist knowledge refreshment, update delegates on changes made to required documentation and increase the chances of achieving the required pass marks. The mandatory briefing must be completed prior to completing your knowledge assessment.

The dates for these briefings are available within the attachments area of this page.

Included in this are several briefing sessions for Line Managers/Works Requesters, which are not mandatory. Anyone not holding one of the required competences, but whom does request an isolation or managers members whom are involved, should aim to attend one of these.

All delegates should liaise with their Line Manager to discuss a suitable day and time to attend before requesting a place, and these should coincide with when you are required to undertake work within the 25000 process. i.e. SP(I), ERAs and ERAp should look to complete theirs as soon as possible so that they can undertake site visits, planning and assessment activities.

Internal NR delegates should email and external (3rd party contractors) should email to secure your desired place. Places are limited and if your date is unavailable, steps will be taken to assist in locating another suitable option.

Drop-in sessions are for post assessment delegates as an intervention option, should you not achieve a 100% pass mark.

These are to talk through incorrectly answered questions with an SME to achieve clarity and confidence before trial recommencement.

Knowledge Assessments

These are to be completed by all delegates (except PTS AC and OTP Core) who have already undertaken the training and been awarded their trial competence. To register and undertake these you must:-

Internal NR Staff:
Arrangements are being made with your Competency Delivery Specialist and the Project Manager to find a suitable day for attendance.
This will be held after your mandatory technical brief, and you will be advised accordingly. The test will be completed via paper.

External (3rd Party Contractors) Staff:
You should liaise with your line manager, training assessors and Sponsor Managers to ensure that you have been registered on the Moodle platform to complete this. Any issues should be advised to Simon Brunton who will be able to assist if problems occur.

All delegates will receive their results via their Line Manager/Training Assessor. Upon recieveing these, you will then need to understand in any further intervention will be required.

Reporting (Development Action Plans/Equivalent)

To ensure governance within the project and in line with ACC process principles and life saving rules, we are requesting that all delegates who do not achieve a 100% pass mark on their knowledge assessment, utilise a Development Action Plan or external equivalent to record the interventions that have taken place in order to upskill the knowledge gaps.

Once these have been completed and signed by the Line Manager/Training Assessor, these are to be emailed to (internal) and (external) for upload to our secure storage area where the Programme Manager will counter sign if required.

Requests to assist in the completion of these documents should be made to the persons above, where alternative arrangements can be made, should the LM/TA feel that they are unable to discuss interventions due to lack of competency themselves.

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