SAI ac-Trial Area Only Information

This page hold information for those taking part in the trial within the ‘trial’ location only.

The new standard, principles and procedure will be trialled in the Rugby DU area (Ashton, which is just north of Hanslope Junc- Hillmorton) within NW and C Region. though the standard will be available in preview mode, this is only to be utalised by those in the trial area, so that assessments can be made, against agreed criteria and information collated to support relevant consultations.

The trial  will commence in Autumn 2019 and first ‘Boots on Ballast’ Earthed Isolation using the new procedures in January 2020. If the trial is successful, we plan to ‘roll out’ the new procedures nationally from May 2020, subject to relevant consultation and approvals.

Please note that any information in this section is for the trial area use only. Forms, documents and information may be subject to change post trial completion. (We advise that the download, use and dissemination of information is controlled and kept for use on the trial area only)

For internal Network Rail access to the standard NR/L3/ELP/25000 please click here.
For external access to standards please click here

All training will be arranged and dates will be allocated as per normal company BAU processes.

For further information, guidance or feedback; please contact the project team. 

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