019 Principles briefing – supplier information

The 019 Principles video briefing, released in 2020, focuses on maintenance (route business) with the Person in Charge being integral in the process of planning and delivering safe work. This is different to capital delivery (regional business), with the Safe Work Leader at the heart of the process.

  • Do I have to complete the 019 Principles briefing released in 2020?

If your organisation or parts of it apply the Person in Charge principles, all PTS competence holders are required to complete the video briefing.

If your organisation or parts of it apply the Safe Work Leader principles, the 019 Principles video briefing is not mandatory. However, you may wish to use this for awareness.

  • I am a supplier of resource to route businesses, which work under the Person in Charge. Do I need to brief this to my staff/team?

Yes. If your staff apply the Principles of the Person in Charge, it is mandatory to complete the 019 Principles briefing, which can be found in the right-hand menu.

No. The 019 Principles briefing, released in 2020 is not recorded in Sentinel.

  • There is a 019 briefing competence on Sentinel, is this the same briefing?

No. The 019 briefing competence released in 2017 is still recorded on Sentinel.

In 2017 Network Rail introduced version 9 of Standard 019 – safety of people at work on or near the line – to improve workforce safety.

The changes introduced:

  • A Person in Charge: Accountable for safely delivering the work
  • Involvement in planning: The person in charge will collaborate with the planner to produce a Safe Work Pack (SWP)
  • Task risk: A Safe Work Pack (SWP) will provide clear information such as task and site risk assessments so the person in charge can effectively manage all the risks.

These were to deliver better managed, safer workplaces for everyone working on the railway.

This 2017 briefing is still available on Safety Central to use as a refresher of the Standard 019 v9, if required.

  • Where can I find the 2020 019 Principles video briefing?

The video briefing is found in the right-hand menu and is available for your information and awareness only.

The 019 briefing is focusing on the Person in Charge principles rather than Safe Work Leader principles. As such, Network Rail does not require you to provide evidence of completed briefings

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