WRCCA Decision Making Tool

Creating a railway that is safe and more resilient to the effects of weather, now and in the future.

Appropriately designing, selecting and prioritising weather resilience and climate change adaptation solutions is fundamental to enabling the delivery of a railway that is safe and more resilient to the effects of weather now and in the future. However current Cost Benefit Analysis and Whole life Costing methods do not enable users to account for changes in the weather impacts that climate change will bring over the life span of projects.

Although work is underway to develop a Network Rail Whole Life Costing methodology that will include weather resilience and climate change assessment by default, the scale an complexity of the task means that it will not be in full use in the short term. The testing phase is slated to be the beginning of CP6.

To cover the period before the release of the planned Whole Life Costing method the Weather Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation Team from (Safety, Technical and Engineering) and the Economic Analysis Team in the System Operator have developed a modified Cost Benefit Analysis Tool called the WRCCA Decision Making Tool.

The WRCCA Decision Making Tool enables the analysis of mitigated and non-mitigated design options for schemes with weather and climate vulnerabilities. It ensures that options can be assessed and prioritised based on their financial and economic returns accounting for the future costs avoided by mitigation (or accumulated by the do nothing option).

As the tool is constructed to be able to consider the whole life of the asset it can also facilitate the consideration of schemes that do not have a financial return within the control period they are implemented or which have a return in social welfare terms.

The tool:

  • Is WebTAG compliant,
  • Excel based and
  • Uses scheme cost, schedule 4 & 8 payments and maintenance & repair cost inputs to generate measures of financial rate of return and social welfare.
  • Should be used to assess schemes that improve train service reliability, or have variations/incremental additions which improve reliability.

It should be noted that the tool does not consider Safety, so it should be used as part of a multi-criteria appraisal.

To understand the vulnerabilities that a scheme option is addressing through its design and the changes in the climate that the WRCCA Decision Making tool needs to consider for its appraisal inputs it should be used in conjunction with the related guidance notes – ‘Weather Resilience and Climate Change Impact Assessment’ and ‘Climate Change Scenario’ . The Guidance notes are due to be published in June 2018.

Key contacts:

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Further information:

Additional, Route-specific analysis and data can be accessed using the linked pages in the side-bar.

Useful links:

  • WRCCA Impact Assessment Guidance (To be published June 2018)
  • Climate Change Scenario Guidance (To be published June 2018)





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