Sustainable Procurement

What is sustainable procurement?

Sustainable procurement is a process that leverages the supply chain to assist in delivering sustainability goals. Supply chains are a natural extension of an organisation’s workforce and the the way in which they undertake their work is critical to delivering sustainability.

Sustainable procurement considers both environmental and social factors relating all stages of the procurement process, including material extraction, ethical labour, social value, and construction and maintenance practices.

Why is sustainable procurement important to Network Rail?

Network Rail is committed to embedding sustainable development into procurement practices to reduce the network’s impact on the environment, and enhance integration with the communities that we operate within. Sustainable procurement ensures that we find suppliers that are aligned with our values and can assist with embedding our social and environmental objectives.

Sustainable development is woven throughout Network Rail’s procurement process, and it is critical that every pound we spend deepens our commitment to one or more of the social or environmental themes.

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