Volunteering information

Encouraging employees in Network Rail and the supply chain to engage with volunteering and community activities.

Network Rail aspires to be a diverse and flexible place to work and a welcomed member of the community.  We are committed to supporting our employees in undertaking volunteering work related to charitable and community engagement activities.

Volunteering opportunities are available nationwide and can be found via websites such as Do-It.org and Give what you’re good at.

What is Network Rail’s approach to volunteering?

Network Rail’s volunteering programme gives employees up to five days of volunteer leave per year. Volunteer leave can be used to undertake activities for:

Charitable Theme

In CP6 Network Rail will be moving away from choosing an individual charity of choice and instead support a single social cause. The theme for CP6 is ‘Routes out of Homelessness’.

By removing the single charity of choice, colleagues will have the flexibility to promote and fundraise for any charity they choose, in agreement with local workplace teams. However, by keeping a national charitable theme, in the case of CP6, homelessness, Network Rail can deliver network-wide initiatives to provide vulnerable people with access to employment support, rail safety information, and mental health and wellbeing support.

Key contacts

For additional information or support, please e-mail charitablegiving@networkrail.co.uk.

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