Notifying our neighbours

Notifying Our Neighbours Toolkit: Major Projects and Maintenance

This toolkit aims to be a one stop shop to support Route teams and Contractors  who need to notify neighbours about upcoming works. For good community relations we advise notifying neighbours 2 weeks in advance of works commencing.

Please click on the link here to see a video from London Letterbox on > How to upload addresses using ELRs.

Please find in the sidebar a variety of template leaflet and postcard options you can use and edit yourselves along with several suppliers who can print and post these, including costs to complete this.  Please note the individual suppliers offer options to cover both longer-term major projects as well as short notice maintenance projects.

 Community webpage

We have created a new webpage called Living by the Railway, it is a hub for people who live and work near the railway. Now that the site is live we need your help and support to ensure that all future pre-notification letters/leaflets that are based on the works listed below, include a link to the relevant web page. All the quick links to the relevant sections can be found in the How to Guide in the sidebar. By using these links, it will help to ensure that lineside neighbours are aware of the type of work being undertaken and why:


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