Making rail a great experience

Creating a life-enhancing railway experience for all who use it.

The railway does so much more than getting passengers and freight from A to B: it can be a life-enhancing experience too. We know that overall passenger experience and satisfaction comes from punctuality and reliability, as well as: interaction with staff; the appearance, accessibility and functionality of train stations; and the integration of the railway with local communities. We have a sustained responsibility to improve our public-facing infrastructure and services to accommodate the changing needs of a wider demographic, and a larger volume, of passengers. Working to make rail a great experience has the potential to increase the appeal of the railway by providing a positive journey for all, according to all needs and without discrimination.

Community Rail

Community Rail is a grassroots movement that encourages local people to provide a community benefit through connecting people with, and engaging with, their local railway.

This can be done in various ways according to the needs of the local area. Examples include groups of like-minded individuals coming together to adopt a station, develop a community garden or putting planters on platforms. We’ve also supported community groups that have formed to take over disused or underutilised railway buildings to develop community hubs.

We also work with Community Rail Partnerships who look at the needs for communities in larger geographic areas, such as counties or along a line of route, and how rail can be of benefit to society e.g. engaging with schools and communities which don’t normally use the railway to improve social mobility or promoting tourism along local lines.

Network Rail works with the groups and volunteers, as well as with train operators and the ACoRP (Association of Community Rail Partnerships) to support community rail activities which make the railway better for the people that we serve.

Why is making rail a great experience important to Network Rail?

What is Network Rail’s approach to making rail a great experience?

Network Rail is constantly working to improve the customer experience, from making improvements to stations for disability access to identifying opportunities for pop-up gigs and libraries at local stations to encourage footfall and engagement with the network. Alongside this, Network Rail is actively seeking to understand customer experiences of the railway through surveys, local engagement and feedback, helping to build proactive solutions that address current and anticipated challenges into development plans.

In addition, Network Rail supports the industry’s Community Rail Development Strategy which as its foundation, it supports community rail organisations themselves to flourish as inclusive, independent and sustainable groups, so they are well placed to deliver the strategy’s four key pillars.

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