Creating positive industry partnerships

Developing relationships, in the supply chain and beyond, that are ethical, responsible and have positive social impact.

With an annual spend of circa £7 billion on works, services and bought-in goods, Network Rail’s social and environmental impacts go far beyond immediate operations. We create positive partnerships up and down the value chain promoting ethical, responsible business. This ensures Network Rail is having a positive impact across the whole supply chain (including train operators and freight operators) and wider rail industry, doing business ethically, safely, environmentally-responsibly, and maximising social and business value.

Why is creating positive industry partnerships important to Network Rail?


Work to create positive industry partnerships is a valuable way in which we are working towards the RSSB principles of being ‘customer-driven’, by embedding a culture where dialogue with customers puts them at the heart of the railway.

What is Network Rail’s approach to creating positive industry partnerships?

Network Rail is continually striving for consistent business practices across the company and in our supply chain. For example, we have a zero-tolerance policy on Modern Slavery. This policy is implemented through contractual and legal agreements with contractors, as well as the requirement of evidence from the supply chain of fair, ethical, and legal business practices. Further, Network Rail is conscious to only partner with reputable and legitimate industries for mutual benefit, as we are legally, and publicly, responsible for business practices associated with us through our supply chain.

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