Creating engaged employees

Be a business that people are proud to work for.

Network Rail employs over 36,000 people and spends £7.5bn per year across a diverse supply chain. Creating engaged employees is an essential part of our commitment to be a great employer and improving our safety, performance and positive social impact across the industry. The average cost of replacing an employee is between £4,800 and over £30,000, and it can take staff up to eight months to reach optimum productivity levels, so engaging our employees is crucial. It is essential that Network Rail, and our contractors, continue to dedicate resources to ensuring we are an employer of choice, in this increasingly competitive marketplace, to retain and gain the right workforce.

Why is creating engaged employees important to Network Rail?

What is Network Rail’s approach to creating engaged employees?

Network Rail strives to create a diverse and engaged workforce in a variety of ways. These include offering employees up to five days of volunteer leave per year, providing six employee networks, delivering business activities in accordance with our Everyone strategy, and living and working by our Code of Business Ethics.

Employee networks

Employee networks help foster an inclusive, diverse, and open organisation where people feel valued and represented. At Network Rail, employee networks encourage open communication and enable a wider understanding and conversation around staff similarities and differences.

There are six employee networks at Network Rail that actively encourage growth, both of their own networks and of individuals that join, through developing their skills. Further information on our employee networks can be found here.

Key contacts

For general enquiries please email

For specific enquiries relating to employee engagement activities, please contact the diversity and inclusion team or the health and wellbeing team.

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