Being a caring neighbour

Promoting positive relationships with our lineside communities.

Network Rail has over 22 million lineside neighbours – people who live or work within 500 metres of a railway – and 7 million of those live adjacent to the lineside itself. It is an exciting challenge for Network Rail to continue improving relationships with its neighbours in the face of demographic changes, evermore densely populated regions and constantly rising expectations. Lineside communities are key stakeholders in Network Rail’s future as, in today’s world of smart technology and social media, it is easier than ever for people to share their news and views. These louder, more informed and connected communities who feel cared for are also fantastic advocates of the work Network Rail is doing to make lineside living a positive experience.

What is Network Rail’s approach to being a caring neighbour?

Network Rail is becoming increasingly aware of the positive, and negative, impacts our work can have on social value and local communities. Tools and resources have been developed that identify risks and opportunities that projects can have on society, and the environment, which means that projects can be more considerate of local communities.

Complaints from lineside neighbours about disruptive railway works has led us to develop a company-wide notification process, which informs our lineside neighbours of work that will be happening in their area. Information on notifying our neighbours can be found in the side-bar.

Use volunteer leave to be a caring neighbour

Volunteering for local charities and community organisations is a good way to invest in local communities and improve your social performance.

If you work for Network Rail, visit connect/volunteering to find out more or email for further support.

Support given to our lineside neighbours

To inform and engage with our lineside neighbours a webpage, Living by the Railway, has been created acting as a hub for people who live and work near the railway. All affected lineside neighbours should be notified of works taking place and will be supported by a link to the site, this allows the community to gain access to more information about the type of work being undertaken and why. Correctly informing our neighbours reduces the communities concerns and disruption caused while reducing the number of complaints.

Key contacts

For general enquiries please email

For Route enquiries, please contact the relevant community relations manager:

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