Energy & Carbon Policy and Strategy

Policy and strategy

Network Rail’s Energy and Carbon Policy and Energy and Carbon Strategy were agreed for adoption by the National Safety, Health and Environment Review Group (NSHERG) on 9th December 2016.  They provide the strategic direction that is required for the remainder of CP5, to enable Network Rail to meet its regulated targets and stretch budgets. You can download them from the menu on the right hand side of the page.

Why is this a short-term strategy, covering CP5 only?

The business needs immediate guidance in order to achieve the carbon target and meet stretched utility budgets.  The activities required now are relatively simple, short-term measures that need to be implemented quickly.  Future activity will require more complex interventionEnergy hierarchys, including renewable technology, demand and frequency response and power storage.  It’s important that we get the basics right before we embark on more ambitious plans, following the energy hierarchy of Reduce, Rationalise, Optimise, Recover and Generate.

The current strategy deals with the first two steps, moving into the Optimise section.  The strategy for CP6 will be developed over the next two years, and will look in depth at further optimisation, energy recovery and generation.

Planning for CP6 is underway and a short-form strategy has been produced.  This will help inform discussions with Routes to enable them, in turn, to plan their programmes and build upon the activities carried out in CP5.

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